Summoners War [FRR] (Part1): How to use SWProxy (Windows/Android)


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  1. To people who can't save the wifi settings, try adding something like "" to the example field. IIRC it doesn't need to mean anything, but it needs a website of some sort there

  2. @Zang Gaming, do I need to connect my phone to my computer? and run it in some emulator or smth?
    Or I can just not connect my phone to the computer and just run my Summoners war? And what do you use for the emulator?

  3. doesnt work. my ip is
    the programm doesnt say anything when i press start, nor when I start SW, then I just get an error
    Dunno what I should do

  4. after doing all the steps i get this message when booting up summoners wars: security violation:ADB or ROOT Shells (ex:system/bin/sh) is running in the background , app will be terminated! … anyone know how to fix?

  5. I may be dumb, but it seems like my Huawei P8 Lite cannot connect to proxy with only IP and port. I need to put name of the proxy server, gate, web prefix's length and DNS number. If I write suggested one it doesn't work. Any ideas?

  6. hell yea! run the swop.exe as an administrator if you disabled firewall and are on same router but still fails

  7. I setup proxy with same IP and port,add exception for firewall,then disabled firewall and antivirus,connected to same connection coz I dont have other. Stil getting msg net::ERR_PROXY-CONNECTION_FAILED .. SW Proxy giving me only local ip :

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