SUMMONERS WAR : Hacking is becoming a problem…


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SUMMONERS WAR : Hacking is becoming a problem…was extracted from


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  1. too hard to find SDs and someone with sd, when u find its exceeded the user limit, no nat5 summon, this game will be better closed.

  2. no I did this but I got to 6th place when I was lvl 23 it's because I did not play on this account I was just saving stuff and then I had like 200 arena entry's so I just kept refreshing till there were week people then I fought them and I got so far

    Edit: I almost got banned cuz my great racuni and Orochi

  3. Este clipe é uma porcaria real. Se você precisa de uma versão funcional dessa truta, faça apenas uma pesquisa "rivaloguidas" no google.

  4. This version of the program isn't working any longer.If you want a real cheat for this game simply search " rivaloguides " on google

  5. I was level 45 and i used a friend rep and i guess beat dragon b10 too quick because i actually made a team to do it quick…. and got banned so in saying that screw com2us and screw their games

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