SUMMONERS WAR : How to Rune HELL LADY (Raki, Beth, Ethna, Craka, Asima)


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  1. i have Asima… She is my rep, but i cant do faimon hell yet, FATAL BLADE 15K HP 3000 ATK 1000 DEF VEL 128 ( GALLEON COMBO ) 62% CRTCAL R. DG 70% ACC 40% … Sugestion to her anyone plz !

  2. Raki sucks donkey cock. I don't give a fuck about her 2nd skill sicne the others so the same thing plus a better third. She need to be made into a different use. Or a passive that prevent revive and just a hard hitting 3rd that's not special

  3. Nice vid. This format is better. I like it that you also mentioned where not to use them too. Pretty good guide. Thanks Jew.

  4. Ethna skills says attacks the enemies 5 times, but when i attack she only attacks one enemy so why does it says enemies….

  5. no one in summoners war believes that i have a nat 5 almost awakened at lvl 23 and almost have galleon after i awaken beth then galleon then olivia wind neon stone agent

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