Summoners War – Importing Runes To The Rune Optimizer via SWProxy v0.99.1


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Summoners War – Importing Runes To The Rune Optimizer via SWProxy v0.99.1was extracted from


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  1. Can't see the part where you type in the address.. I went to my wifi settings and its not there even in advanced setting. Im android and tablet.

  2. this is not working, when I start the game, its shows: Failed to connect the network. Please try again laer.(7) Why is that?

  3. Thanks, been trying to do this for a while, it took me a while because i have android instead of ios so finding the proxy took a bit longer, but other than that this is the best video explaining how to use proxy that ive found 😀

  4. Black screen on the phone after launching SW. Guess it's time for good old school trying over and over again with different settings 😀
    EDIT: U indeed have to run as admin to make it work xD

  5. for anyone having problems with the game starting up after you change wifi settings, try changing the proxy port… 8080 wasnt working for me, so i changed to 8000 or 6000. Be sure to change the setting in swproxy and your phone settings and give it a try. swproxy defaults to 8080 every time you open it so dont forget.

  6. norton saying it's not safe to use and keeps deleting it before it can extract, gona have to enter everything manually

  7. I type in the proxy and everything correctly but when i try to launch the game, it wont connect with the network. It's like my internet will no longer work if i chance it from off to manual

  8. To anyone getting a blackscreen / not loading SW when starting it: As megaman explained, set Proxy Port to 8081 in both SWProxy and your Phone! Solved all troubles for me, thanks for the nice tutorial 🙂

  9. It's not working for me either. When I connect to the proxy server on my phone and start running the app. it says " net::ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED." Why is this?

  10. Hi, thanks for making the vid.  Got as far as the optimizer.json file.  When I visit the site, browse to open the file, and hit import, nothing happens.  What could I be doing wrong?

  11. I get stuck starting up the game and it just loads forever or pops up with a message saying "Failed to connect with the network. Please try again later."

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