SUMMONERS WAR: Rune Optimizer Guide and Tutorial


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Free summonerswarruneoptimizerwindows10 is ready for download

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  1. I'm having trouble importing json file to SWOP for some reason it won't work. can someone help me?

  2. I am having an issue with my iphone not letting me match the ip address to the pc…when i manually type in the info there's no save option and the old ip address my phone used is still there. I turned off and turned on my phone, I forgot the wifi then re connected still nothing. I'm sure its operator error…any help would be appreciated. I'm sure i'm missing something simple. Thx in advance!

  3. Thanks for the quick and easy to follow instructions on the SW Rune Optimizer. 🙂 It's quite helpful to have a short walkthrough.

  4. my phone's ip address is not the same as the one shown on the program, is something wrong?
    how to fix please

  5. I have a question about this SW rune optimizer thing…. it was stated in a twitch stream from com2us, that they dont support third party programms and it might get you banned. on the other hand i found a thread in the com2us forum with the sentence from com2us_voodoo stating = "In general, third party programs are not supported, so any usage of
    third party programs will be at your own risk, which means no support
    for crashing, suspensions, or other errors from your usage of third
    party programs. Hope this clears things up."

    Is it now "legal" to use this app or do i still might get banned for it? dont want to waste my effort i already did D:

  6. thank for the guide on how to use it, sadly the web version of rune optimizer always crash , think only window 10 user able to use it

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