Summoners War SWProxy on a Mac


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  1. My proxy that it gives me isn't 192.168.x.y it's 10.10.x.y how would I go about fixing that? It's not working when trying the 10.10.x.y

  2. help! i do the sudo python and get the ip and port , made the changes on my ipad like the video, run the SW app….but nothing happens on terminal…what i miss?

  3. Hey! When i run the "sudo -H easy_install pycrypto dpkt yapsy" command it does alot of funny stuff but ends with: " File "/tmp/easy_install-nT73zD/pycrypto-2.6.1/", line 278, in run
    RuntimeError: autoconf error"

    so when i try to run the: python
    it simply doesnt work.. what am i missing?

  4. there is written : 2 errors generated.
    error: Setup script exited with error: command 'cc' failed with exit status 1
    help me pleas 🙂

  5. everything has worked fine and been installed correctly until i input the command "python" i get an import error.
    when the proxy first came out last year i was able to get it to work one time but ever since then i get stuck on this part. any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

  6. Working Finally!
    I trouble getting terminal to run and once running, would not load plugins.
    Checked Python installed > Used "sudo -H easy_install pycrypto dpkt yapsy"
    > Could not run command "python" missing blah…
    > Tried command "python /…full directory path../" > Ran! but Plugins and authors list empty!
    > Your game will load with proxy but no files will be generated on your computer
    > Used command "cd " + drag a drop containing folder like in video to explicitly specify path
    > ran command "python" and voila!!
    > Do the wifi proxy stuff and you will see terminal writing stuff and files being created
    Works like a charm now! Hope this helps anyone else with missing plugins/cant find directory
    Thanks a ton Crystalpulse

  7. hey man, just wanna say thanks for the help, friends tried to explain via text didnt work, visually best way to do it indeed

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