1. What happens if you don't have money to have a better chance to get your account back? What would you do then?

  2. that is a linkin park remix song in the background (i assume) but i just cant put my finger on which one it is… Dont worry i wont report since linkin park makes their remixes usable in background sound and music compailations… Yes im a fanboy

  3. Guys please write Summoners War APLEXAS you will see video with my account stolen from me ,now is lvl 50 EU server ,if u see anything please let me now!

  4. It needs to be addressed. They should be on top of it. The game is an international seller… they should be able to afford protection for there paying customers and players. Good points JB

  5. Companies don't often improve security until its plainly obvious the loss of incoming from breaches is more than the loss of income losing customers. It's horrendously short-sighted, but its how a lot of them operate (especially when most mobile games have a short shelf life). That applies to C2U's suppliers of service as well, not just them. They are customers too remember.

  6. Believe it or not but I'm ft2p yet com2us actually got my account back after I accidentally deleted it and why is this music so creepy

  7. Thanks for doing this video! A lot of ppl need this (me included) to keep their naivety in check. Not only in SW, but in RL.
    The comparison with STD's was great

  8. Okay…
    I'm paranoid as all hell now…
    I've been playing this game a since it came out, literally a month after…
    I'd be broken if I lost my account

  9. Why would people want to buy summoners war accounts? Woohoo just bought an account and its end game… what do I do now????? so dumb ( and yes I know people do buy accounts, just saying its fucking dumb."

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