1. I had my account for over 2 years with Juno,dark dragon ,tesher and Fire BM, I was unable to log on for 2 weeks,with the can't create ID msg,when I managed to get back on I was at level 1 with the name "cruddy".I used the same FB account to,I can't log on with any other FB account either!,com2us couldn't recover it even with my purchases made on the account,even the I sent them the invoice,which probably went to the hacker!.My other FB account t has been suspended,how sad are people to hack a pathetic game probably just to sell for a few bucks to a lazy cunt who can't be arsed to put in the hard work them selves,they rather buy an account that's been stolen from someone else ,hope you got it taken off you as I managed to get all the money back,so I hope com2us shuts it down,and you get caught or have someone do it to you or a family member so you know how it feels to….you low life thieving scum bucket earn an honest living instead of being a parasite sponging of others…..CUNTS I know your still doing it,I'm deleting all my accounts and everything associated with them,have a great life….

  2. Plzz add me X-HuNTeR dont know if it will help u to start up back cuz i'm F2P plus my inu is not the best and am sorry that ur acc got hacked 🙁

  3. Actually you can change the hive id, the same thing happened to me a while ago but with my old main account

  4. Contact SUPPORT and hope they'll help you, you have these videos that can prove you had that account. They're very bad at helping people but maybe this channel can save you!

  5. I feel your pain Jarod. I lost a account with a Lakia and chow on it because someone scammed me. I hate a lot of people.

  6. Rip my account. Hope everyone learns a lesson from this, don't give out any of your Summoners war info unless if it's someone you truly trust.

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