Super Mario Run: Does it Suck?


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  1. I grew up on Nintendo, but for it to be $10 is ridiculous. There are first shooter games polished up such as COD at $3. Plus, Mario only has 26 levels. If the price comes down, maybe I will reconsider it. Everything he said is on point though. Good video.

  2. The things i think it should have for me to buy it.
    1. Creator – where you make your own custom levels
    2. Take away always online
    3. Lower the price to a reasonable $5

  3. i just dont like how mario runs on his own from what i remember mario was funnest when you had full control

  4. NINTENDO why not make a classic game boy?. Make the screen back lit and have it wifi enabled to buy old game boy games…. if i was at nintendo the company would be selling these and making 100s of million this Christmas..

  5. It just kinda sucks that you're restricted to 3 levels. 2 worlds including both castles would be smarter cause the first world is always boring in Mario games,

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