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  1. I like how people in my school are like "What 13 Dollars to get the full version?" Me: Not only is that way cheaper than an official console copy, but this is coming from the same people spending over one hundred on clash royale.

  2. If Nintendo stops making consoles and games for them because they get easy money from mobile, like you suggest they might do, then the popularity of these mobile games will fall drastically because the high-profile Nintendo games would not exist anymore, so Nintendo will not be able to make money at all. The reason why Pokemon and Mario can be successful in mobile is how good and universally praised their higher budget, actual games are.

  3. Yeah that's the thing about mobile games…They at most are just lowered ends so to speak. Especially the Nintendo ones. o.o

  4. Fans shat happy bricks into Nintendo's toilet when Super Mario Run was announced, PS4 Pro & Slim got too many angry bricks shat on Sony's Playstation toilet!! I'm scared to see what Super Mario Run will look like as a final version.

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