Surefour Montage – The Overwatch Aim “Hacker”

Filename: overwatchhacker.exe

FileSize: 20 MB

Free overwatchhacker is ready for download

Surefour Montage – The Overwatch Aim “Hacker”was extracted from


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  1. he has a aim bot, you can tell by his last highlight…… and pro gamers are suppose to be way better than us so just bc your aim isn't that good you can't blame surefour for being a pro at what he does, its his job

  2. Not an aim bot. It's a trigger bot. Fires for you as soon as your cursor moves over a target. What fake competitive play is this anyway?

  3. Just some feedback, I loved the video as a whole, but in the future, can you lower the music, by A LOT? I would love to hear the announcer's reaction, and maybe some people in his team/himself. :)

  4. Gotta love the people who say he uses a aimbot lmfao. If he used a aimbot he'd be banned from the game already. Learn to aim and then you'll be as good as him.

  5. have this idiot play one an xb1 or ps4 and watch his aim be dog shit. Anyone that says this isnt aimbot is full of shit.

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