Survey Scams so called Hack tools


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  1. oh, and if anyone is going to try using a hack, I would suggest trying to
    find a hacked .apk file. It is a thousand times more likely to be legit
    over a stupid hack tool that doesn’t work. It will likely take more work
    “but not much more” but it will save a lot of heart ache.

  2. Yeah ur true but we can’t do shit as everyone know what can wedo :/ ? we
    can kill the maker of the survey but doesn’t change anything :(

  3. finally someone,..who made a video,..about those fucking spammers,,..thank
    you,…for those wise words,,..

  4. The “survey scam technique” is a method to prompt the user to complete a
    survey before downloading a specific file. The survey is not complete even
    if you have completed it – possibly something harmful would have done to
    your computer or your life. Do not fall into it. It will lead you to the
    end of your entire life when you’re at work. I ever wondered when the
    “survey scam technique” invented.

  5. Nice one.. people are actually trying this .. me too, but you prevented me
    from doing it..soz, i have to stop beiing so naive.. you woke me up.. thank
    you very much fo savin this ass.. keep up the work.. 

  6. thanks so much for this have been trying to get a moba coin hack for ages
    filled in shit loads of surveys managed to get a hack to download but it
    don’t fucking work i hate this shit….
    If anyone finds a moba coin hack tht works plz plz post a real link NO

  7. much much respect bro. ive been looking for a cc hack tool for a long
    time. and its all surveys. everyone knows or should know its complete BS

  8. “drop dead fuckers”…I have been going to every site and letting everyone
    know it SPAM…

  9. Much respect man! Fuck those stupid fake survey virus’s!

    Good job bro! Keep up the good work

  10. dude! I’m laughing my ass off over here… your words totally describe how
    felt searching for game hacks online!!

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