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  1. Found a better way.

    ht tp:// swagmainia. webs .com

    This worked sooooooo well. Everything worked great. Already bought a xbox 360 and 2 amazon giftcards after just a weak!

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  3. this is faake link brings u to were u refer to him…. which means u get him swagbucks……ur a dumbass

  4. how comes iz not working….????? it says ive got 3 points onli and every1 else sayin it works…i signed up under his link and nuffin…

    IS iT fake?

  5. I thought cheat don`t working and it`s fake again… when i tryed it first time it wasn`t work
    🙂 i thought this fake.. but then i watched video again and i saw that he said you must register on hacked link i did this, and collected 25 swags and it working now i use it every day 🙂 now i have 2156 Swug 😉
    Enjoy.. Thanks Riki471

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