Swagbucks CHEAT CODE 2012

Swagbucks CHEAT CODE 2012

okay just watch the vid do what i say & you will either get 50000 sb or 100000 sb don”t believe me then don’t do it then…. link to sign up – http://tinyu…
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  1. Then OMG he also is using some other device instead of a laptop or a desktop that’s why it is really fake like how can you hack a code from that device or he probably had won several of those Swagbucks sweeptakes like the 10,000 SB contests that you barely win at like out of a blue moon you will win after you used SB for a long time

  2. That’s because it’s fake you don’t know when you or any one else sign up under his referal link you is not getting swagbucks but he is he probably found that code and used it when he had joined SB

  3. is it supposed to say expired . because it told me this is for swaggernauts only. will it still work if it still said that

  4. Hello, I’m trying it out today. I’ll let you know if it works by this Wednesday or Thursday.
    I just wanted to let you know it gave me this message when I put in the code, though: “This code is for new Swaggernauts only”

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