Taimou EnvyUs Widowmaker

Filename: overwatchaimbotwidowmaker.exe

FileSize: 28 MB

Free overwatchaimbotwidowmaker is ready for download

Taimou EnvyUs Widowmakerwas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15728





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  1. I've been watching all of their videos and the most suspect are their Soldier 76 footage. Look into those and do some slow motion analysis

  2. I don't get it. None of the shots are that amazing, lol. They're just dragshots or flickshots, you can practice these pretty easily.

  3. He kills the lucio at 11:23 who is immediately revived. At 11:24 the lucio is invulnerable while revived and he attempts to follow the genji, however his aimlock goes to the lucio instead of the genji and he tries to manually recorrect the aim 🙂 See it? I dont mind explaining it again if you cant see it!

  4. its like he is trying to move his mouse away like norml human being, but hack just keep locking onto objectives, thats why he had a twich going like parkensons

  5. Cute. Everyone is fighting over a Blatant Cheater while fan boys come to his aid. Once a cheater always a cheater, yea he's good doesn't need them all the time but at 11:21 it's obvious. Aimbot got stuck. Then he took it down saying 'Friend didnt want the comms to be public'. Sorry, fan boys, but your boy is a cheater. Nothing left to say.

  6. This is the equivalent of a scientific lamen calling an astrophysicist an idiot. When you are bad, dont expect actual good players to be held to your own low standards.

  7. Seriously, these guys are pro players that make a living out of this and play like 8h a day. All of you claiming he hacks are really fucking dumb, if you played this much not only OW but other shooters, you would be like this too

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