Talon Champion Spotlight

Talon Champion Spotlight

Play League of Legends FREE at http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=talonspotlight League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Talon, the Blade’s Shadow…
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  4. Bought talon on saturday. Pretty cool champ, got mozt kills in the team in 4 out of my 6 games so far with him

  5. What will be you reaction if I tell you that Talon last name isn’t “Du Couteau”

  6. Actually Shockblade Zed is like the assassin’s. It has the hidden blade, and retracts when you crit like an assassination.

  7. He’s actually still very good, even after the nerfs. His AoE damage in teamfights is still huge and he can be very annoying as his Q resets the AA timer. The only problem he has right now would be the mana costs of his skills, they’re quite high and you WILL run oom pretty quickly.

  8. I think it wouldnt. Think about the iblitzcrank.. not problems with that skin. In addition they wouldnt name it “assains creed skin”.

  9. @kwnbwuu true that dude AND! you would probably enjoy this online game >>> bit.ly/145XIkx?=mdjrl

  10. I was Talon vs Varus ap.WTF w stacks took me a lot of dmg and he didn’t let me farm.He lv 7 vs me lv 5 he fking killed me.

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