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  1. Ha ah this is a pretty meh time, I just beat this game in 1 minute and 15 seconds on the ps3.

  2. Basicly sora uses wisdom form in the um vertical scrolling game thingy without his outfit changing

  3. unless you were using Desmume X432R which can put the resolution to 4x then theres a reason to use 4k

  4. This is not only amazing but i darn love all the for-entertainment parts such as running still and so on, absolutely my favourite tas!

  5. That was my fault. I had the modified one for YouTube (due to a certain song) then I sent in the wrong one to be uploaded and deleted the modified subs. I only realized after I deleted everything.

  6. Data-Riku isn't all that bad once you get the hang of it. The main thing you're gonna wanna do in it is have Block Round equipped, so that way you can continuously block when he does his Dark Aura attack thingy, cause if you get caught in it, you're gonna be taking heavy damage. It's a matter of blocking, and patience. He's a tough boss first time around. Trust me, I died A LOT to him on my first playthrough.

  7. Oh, I realized the last 3 messages in the transcript are about 5 minutes late or something, so they don't appear in the video.

  8. Loving the commentary. I actually wouldn't even watch TASes like this, ones that are more than a hour long, if it wasn't for the commentary.

  9. I have to say I respect that you have the bravery to review a game like this with its huge sentiment fan base knowing very well that you might me bombarded with hate from butthurt fanboys who can't except criticism on their favorite game but what I don't Like about this review is that this is not the type of game where you can play for twenty minutes and form an overall opinion of the game this is the type of game that you have to put time into to experience everything and then form an opinion about it because a lot of the points you made like character customization are unlocked through playing the game you get more options as you go that is what I say that if you want an in depth and accurate review pick a different video

  10. Fam I enjoyed the gameplay but damn the story line ain't near as compelling as the console titles.

  11. ok you really can't judge a game by an hour and based on how many quests you had done at the time you just played for less than an hour tbh. also not many avatar cuztimizations? this isn't clash of clans or a supercell game in general. you have to earn your unlockables.

  12. Nah bruh this game is 100% dope and btw you can tap on the enemy to do more damage, you don't have to swipe all the time, don't listen to this nigga yall

  13. I see where you are coming from but I love the game so far. As a black lady looking at the character creation IT IS LACKING. And yeah I the start took forever and the little clue made no sense but it fun so good review.

  14. wow i'm half ass review i'm a fucking dumbass i'm level 2 and saying this game is shit but i never play a single kh game of my entire life i'm so dumb omg look at me the black people customization in video games are bad omg it's so shit
    basically all the video right here. Another dumbass playing a kh game and saying this is shit

  15. lol I love KH and FF, but you're right away with the dorky black customization. Anime dies it to, cause if we're not bald we have to have white hair😑

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