TB & Genna Play Nidhogg 2

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In 2014 we battled in Nidhogg. Now Nidhogg 2 is out with new weapons and levels and a brand new art style so we just had to go at it one more time.


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  1. The first one has a relaxing soundtrack and the aesthetic and design and blood splatter is smooth. Although it'd be sweet to change colour and sword type or something to customize that.

  2. It's nice, but this game just isn't decisive enough. The game would be much better, much quicker if it was limited to 3 screens instead of 7. I could see an argument for 5, but the game is so back and forth, running for long periods of time without doing anything even if you wipe them 4 times along the way, without winning.

  3. Oh god, TB going full 80's cartoon mode like he did on the invisigun stream. Best laughs in a while

  4. The art style seems alright, but the character models themselves are really weird…the characters look like muppets characters.

  5. I watched this at 360p…

    I swear I noticed it was bad in the beginning but then I just forgot about it. xD

    Edit: Love seeing you two having fun. And Steam needs to fix the soundtrack player like TB says. 100% behind him on that one.

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