Team Fortress 2: Drop Rates

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  1. I've only gotten 2 hat drops, and they were in the same day, my birthday for some reason. Which happens to be today :3

  2. So if I don't play for a week i will have 2x items next week.
    What if I won't play for 2 weeks? Will I have 3x items?

  3. Wait, in order to get items you have to play? I haven't got a item in a week. Still waiting for a drop and yes I am playing on VAC servers

  4. Man that triangle alert i just want to click it to see my item its so atractive! Then when i clicked i just learned i was watching a youtube video……..

  5. i have unusuals and have spent like 80 euros and got premium 2 years ago never got an misc .. :(

  6. Oh, now i know. I thought the item drops is limited. i haven't receive any random drops for the past weeks. Thanks! :D

  7. You forgot to list a lot of things you can't get in drops such as Unusuals, Genuines, Vintages, Strangifiers and some more which I'm to lazy to list.

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