Terraria 1.2: How to get Key Molds! (UPDATED AFK FARM GUIDE) [demize]

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  1. .how to you make Crimson cause I place 200 crimson blocks but doesn’t work
    and I’m on iOS

  2. What are the amounts of blocks?? sry i didnt understand talked english to
    much ><

  3. Because mobile isn’t in 1.3 ,I think, can you still use the meteor method
    because I see meteors dropping banners and stuff. 

  4. this game is so crazy! I farmed for 3h in the jgl and got nothing. I build
    that farm and got 2 keymoldes in 4 sec. This game……. ;)

  5. i barely get any mobs attacking me and when they do its usually jelly fish
    or a shark here and there. why dont i get those weird looking fish as seen
    in the video? (i’m on iphone)

  6. Didn’t even farm I was just wandering in the wilderness and found a crimson
    key mould. I have luck.

  7. Since I already got all the key molds except the jungle key mold using this
    method I removed the other artificial biomes and only left the artificial
    jungle biome so that I only get jungle key molds. I know the biome is
    active because the jungle music plays and the only fish monsters spawning
    are the arapaima. I have been farming these monsters for about 4 hours and
    still no jungle key mold yet I got the other key molds within 20 minutes
    each. Am I doing something wrong or just being unlucky? I want my piranha
    gun dammit!

  8. Strange, my lizahd temple has no traps whatsoever. What could I use as a

  9. does the mud have to be filled with jungle seeds? or is it enough if only
    the outer layer has jungle grass?

  10. I know this is probably a ridiculous question but how do u use the key
    molds, I got one the first time I killed an angler fish un the jungle but I
    dont know what to do with it, I looked it up on YouTube and there are legit
    no videos explaining it only ones showing how to get them. Pls help

  11. Why are there so many of the jungle fish (can’t remember their name)? I
    only have sharks, jellyfish and squids.

  12. Does this till work as good, because if it does I really ant to build it,
    can someone tell me if they see this comment please.

  13. Can I have a question? umm I placed snow,corruption,crimson and jungle in
    my farm.If your world did not have snow or corruption from the start and
    you just made an artificial one will the farm still work and drop snow and
    corruption key molds? Because I keep getting crimson and jungle key molds .
    my world originally has only crimson and jungle.

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