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  1. Perfect money: Loot some weapons, make armors then sell it. Like got a
    great armor and you do not need others right? sell it. Plus, sell your
    weapons only when you have twice the same. This video is good, I do not say
    that : omg this video sucks i got a better way. I am not saying that. This
    is a good video I like it . Good for starters, loot stuff and sell it. “IF”
    you do not need it. I got 4 plat coins . With this method. Plus make 2
    chests and put your weapons, armors and accsesories. Example: boots, anklet
    if wind, cloud in a bottle. (IF YOU DO NOT NEED IT)

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  3. Tell me this: statues have the ability to spawn the element if it is wired?
    Because if so, DANG IT SO MUCH TIME WASTED UNDERGROUND but if not, then I
    guess I’m doing a well job XD

  4. Your outro song sounds so familiar.. I wanted to say a remix of Final
    Fantasy X, but gonna look more.

  5. for all the people complaining they need to kill skeletron. What is wrong?
    skeletron like the 3rd easiest boss i beat him with a thorn chackram spend
    time in the jungle kill a few hornets make it at anvil get some shadowscale
    or equivalent (crimson which is better) amd beat the choc out of him

  6. My skeletons are not dropping any money. Still dropping the helmets, just
    no money. Can anybody tell me why?

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  8. All the boss I killed is easy except ocram the final boss
    Eye of cthulhu one shot skeletron prime 5 shots and the twins 3 shots and
    my defense is 107 and my weapon is
    Tizona and Tonbogiri and harp and light disc and flamethrower

  9. This is good early game, but later on you need much much better farms. This
    farm for the point of the game you’re at is useless. A stack of ectoplasm
    sells for about 50 gold so their a good choice

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