Terraria (For 1.2 check desciption) – Over 5.5 Platinum/hour – Money farm tutorial + Demonstration

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Terraria (For 1.2 check desciption) – Over 5.5 Platinum/hour – Money farm tutorial + Demonstrationwas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15724


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  1. Okay, my findings reveal that the bird engine + Lava method is faster but
    there is a new engine called the “Six wire 1-second timer” which puts both
    of our methods to shame as we could have 1 pixel layered lava “blade” that
    would kill the fish with 6 different 1-second timers activating the same
    statue that it is wired to.

  2. to speed this up or make it even faster grab a water candle from your
    regular dungeon place it so it is on screen by your farm. it allows more
    mobs to spawnand thus should increase how many goldfish there can be

  3. For me, the corrupt fish dosent spawn a normal fish. It worked on a
    different world but now its not working.

  4. Not sure if this is a bug or was patched, but I tried this the other night,
    and it worked initially, and as soon as I went off screen to sell (without
    stopping the machine >.<) and now I'm stuck at 3 fish spawns. I tried multiple worlds, but not different characters. Oh well, it worked great until then haha.

  5. lol its fine, Maybe check the wiring? if not try using the corrupt fish
    method, because as soon as the corrupt fish kills the normal fish, it will
    jump on a plate and spawn a new one then kill it pretty much instantly
    again, as apose to waiting for the fish to land in the lava? Hope this made
    sense lol

  6. Ay i gotta a question why it’s not efficient i got only one fish statue but
    even if you had one statue your farm is more efficient i hope you get it ;p
    well i use lava to kill them i tried to use skeleton but it was even more
    slower and only 2 fishy spawn at time and also i got bugged and dont have
    limit of fish spawns yeah they can spawn infinite now ;O sorry for so long
    and complicated comment but my english sucks monkey balls ;D

  7. Really nice man thanks now i have to find some fishy statue 😀 but i think
    i will use birds to fly over plates (i already got 2 birdy statue that’s

  8. I used the wrong pressure plates too! Didnt remember they patched it… But
    then i saw the description 😀 Very cool video man really helps me out!

  9. its all good, I generally do read the descriptions if I miss anything like
    that although it seems in this case I just glazed over it. If memory serves
    the last legit effective means of this method was a crab engine/bird
    engine, fish statues and a thin layer of lava. thanks for the upload
    though, it has really helped me out in means of money generation.

  10. Yeah, I left a note in the description about this but its hard to see cause
    people tend not to check it D:

  11. oops, figured out what I did wrong! totally didnt know that now different
    coloured pressure plates can only be activated by certain thing. some are
    only activated by enemies while others are only activated by players. I
    checked the wiki.

  12. Im not sure if its just me but I have built a single statue version
    Identical to yours, same wiring, statue and pressure placement. however the
    fish no dont activate the pressure pads. my character can and it all seems
    to work if I stand on it and “start” the generator. however, the fish, even
    corrupt fish dont activate the pressure plates. Am I doing something wrong
    or is this due to an update?

  13. Sweet man! good to hear, shame about the patch that decreased the goldfish
    value :(, Thanks for the feed back 🙂

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