TF2: How to get an unusual hat [Voice Chat]

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  1. Oh my gawd your such a liar i only got a hales own valve austrailiam frying pan and a golden saxxy with unusual taunts OH My god such fake

  2. I remember awhile after TF2 came out this happened to me. Oh, what a stupid 11 year old I was. I then remember crying my eyes out because I couldn't play anymore. Then I had to get my mother to help me. She then proceeded to smack me

  3. Man U suck dude ur mean to kids and laugh after it that's so mean u can just stop yourube

  4. I bet if you said to this kid "I've been playing Monopoly for 6 years." or "I've been playing football for 6 years.", he'd still say it's sad.

  5. these kids…."hes gonna havk your account" omg how the heck is that going to work xD what they're in the class and says "NO DONT READ THAT ITS GOING TO HAVK YOU"

  6. what made we laugh was when a "25 seccond old" talks like he knows everything OH TF2 HAS SOMETHING BUILT INTO IT TO MAKE IT SO YOU CAN HACK SOME ONE

  7. "I have a friend who knows a lot about computers who says I'll get hacked" Kids like him are the kind that, just because they can connect their computer to their home WiFi, think they work for the fucking FBI.

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