The 5 Best Things About Paladins – Should You Play? (Review)


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Paladins is officially in Open Beta and out on Steam. The game is free to play, but more importantly – is it worth your time? Here are the 5 best/most unique things about the game, that set it apart from other Team Based FPS games in the market. Download Paladins for free on STEAM: || Subscribe To My Channel Here! || *Disclaimer: I now work for Hirez Studios, therefore I have kept this video more about what makes Paladins unique, rather than whether this game is a good or bad. This video is geared to enlighten those who don’t know what Paladins is, or why it is different from any other shooter.

Champions showcased in this video (in order): Evie, Fernando, Cassie, Bomb King, Evie (again) and finally, Androxus.

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Introducing the newest game from Hi-Rez Studios – Paladins: Champions of the Ream! Paladins offers deep strategy and in-match character progression through decks of collectible cards, which enhance a character’s core set of abilities. The game will be free-to-play for PC and current-generation consoles. Players can Download for FREE on STEAM here:

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  1. Damn Paladins ain't nothing like this anymore. You definitely can't just grind all the content anymore. Oh, and damn Evie seemed broken back then.

  2. you just convinced me to download the game, besided itasfree and a fantasy themed game, thanks for the video!

  3. DC UNITED?!?! They are my favorite team 🙂 and not because I just heard you were drafted to them, they have been for a while. It would be so cool to see you out there.

  4. #3 is only good if you play WITH people. If you're soloing with randoms, not being able to switch character mid-game becomes an issue because no one's working together to componsate.

  5. MY GAMER TAG IS (Dr robotnic1) on xbox – there is a space between Dr and robotnic1

    message me 4 you play or download this game i will refer you and we will get lots of goodys

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