The 5 Best UI Mods For CIVILIZATION 6


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  1. did you know that the AI's go-to win scenario is Religious Win? Even if the civ is not known to have a strong religious history, it will inevitably try to win with religion. Even if you constantly tell them no, they ignore you and convert your cities anyway. I did that recently. was trying to keep up with the idea of having a non-converted city, nope, as soon as the new city started, the AI's missionaries were racing across the map to that city. The religious defense game sucks, is boring. You buy missionaries, etc, with faith and you protect your cities, but the AI is supplied with infinite resources and gold, and seemingly an instant build time for units and buildings. So, the AI is pumping out religious units like they're candy. overloading the map. The player tries to re/ dis? convert the cities back to the player religion and the fucking game, apparently, goes into hold everything I need to re-convert the city mode. HOW THE FUCK IS THAT FAIR?

  2. Geez, I feel like I will not stand playing vanilla after these mods… Just to be sure: do achievements get disabled with the ui mods?

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