The best graphic settings for Ark Survival Evolved on console!!!(PS4 Pro)


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In this video I will be telling you guys how to make ark survival evolved look better on the ps4 and xbox one. The graphics won’t be as good as pc, but it will be the closest you can get. This will also help those who see a weird split in their screen while playing. Note that turning vsync completely on can cause some frame drops.
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  1. hey xbox dudes i have the soultion for the graphics you need to enter this command – sg.postprocessquality 3 but warning there maybe some screen taring so beware

  2. Look guys, if you wont enjoy a game because its unferior to the pc version, then fuck off. I am the type of guy that played crisis 3 on my ps3 and, even though it was so much worse than if you had a beefy pc with 60 fps 4k, etc, i enjoyed the game a lot and its one of my most memorable, out of my 300+ ps3 games collection i proudly have. I have played on my good old ps3 for ever and switched to my ps4. havent bought a ps4 pro, still got the old, beefy ps4, and i still use it regularly.

  3. That moment when it says Xbox and ps4 and there's a setting only for ps4 that makes the game look better.

  4. The graphics are unplayable bad on my PS4. To the point where I’m going to try and get a refund. So excited for the game, super disappointing

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