The Division Aimbot & ESP Hack

Filename: thedivisionaimbot.exe

FileSize: 30 MB

Free thedivisionaimbot is ready for download

The Division Aimbot & ESP Hackwas extracted from


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  1. Hackers take down the Hackers!!!! good job!
    "Website is offline" — Now thats the hacking I like!

  2. idk why people gotta go so low to the point of using cheats, if you suck mate go play minecraft or maybe even connect 4 no need to ruin other peoples fun if you cant get the skills justkeep practicing

  3. why even bother playing the game. it sucks all the fun out of it. no sense of achievement or accomplishment

  4. You Do know that providing a video of how to circumvent or alter code to provide you gains in any program is possibly a federal crime and you will be prosecuted as a felon.

    It doesn't mater if you change the color of your gun with a mod or program thats third party. Anyone who uses these videos to do so are also contributing the breach of your software contract you signed when purchasing the game, or games, or programs. ( Altering or reverse engineering is a breach of contract with prosecution of the law) And lastly, hacking games to further your progress in a game or pumping up your character beyond the scope of other players is simply destroying the foundation of why you even play games. Its suppose to bring you a fair bit of competition and strategy. Building up your character and battling against a level playing field is what makes game great, fun, and entertaining. HACKING or 3rd party MOD not approved by the software company, simply takes away a players rights to have fun and diminishes the game makers ability to provide great games. Do your part and report the hacks to the forums and take ALT PRT SCR (ALT Print Screen) and send them to the developers. The new update has a report player feature as well. Once initiated players caught cheating get one chance to play fair then Perma band at the server level. Not just make a new name but IP band. Thats much harder to make a new player. Id love to see the level 100's plus all be brought back down to level 0 since the game came out 3 weeks ago its hard to believe there are so many Dark Zone players that can achieve that without using a hack.

  5. Exactly why Games shouldn't be allowed to PC scrubs, they're so shit they have to mod everything lmfao get good kids

  6. TL;DR: If you cheat, you're replay value/gameplay hours/competitiveness/reputation/immersion go away; you stop enjoying the game. And if someone outdoes you or you get caught: You're gonna have a bad time. I'm not gonna tell you to go die – just suffer. It's more entertaining that way.


    Cheating is something that isn't ok. It goes against the spirit of the game and is widely considered bad sportsmanship. If you get caught cheating in a professional sport you'll never be able to live it down. Games, while not as severe, it's basically the same thing. If we catch you, we will make sure it costs you your $60 game. We promise.

    Another thing I don't get: Where's the fun in having a computer play for you? We get smartphone hackers who hit #1 on leaderboards all the time because they punched in some numbers instead of playing the game. They still have no skill and it disrespects the players who worked hard to get up there. The devs made the game for you to experience it a certain way. Some games let you use mods, like Skyrim and even ESO, and you know what? That's perfectly ok because everyone has it. But cheats/hacks? Only the people in the know get it, and it creates an unfair advantage for the users.

    Don't get me wrong, I can see why it's so popular – sometimes you just wanna be lazy at the expense of everyone else's enjoyment. I get it. But some of us don't WANT to break a game to gain an edge. Some of us want to experience the reward of honing our skills. When someone comes with a computer aiming head shots from any distance 100% of the time – It's a slap to the face. What do we do? We hunt them down and kill them anyway.

    Cheaters never win. They can't win. That's because no one will acknowledge their skills, because they know there wasn't any skill used to begin with. But they don't need to care right? They got all the best gear in half the time their other friends did. But.. what happens when someone out-hacks you? What if someone came by with not just aimbotting but invincibility as well and the ability to not trigger rogue status? What would you do then? Get their hacks? Imagine if they were always one step ahead of you because they had a better place to get them. Are you still enjoying playing The Division, or are you too busy doing hours of internet research to catch up to the other hacker?

    You see, no matter how you look at it, hacking sucks the fun out of it. It's not the beginning nor the end you should care about. It's the journey that matters. The division is a beautiful game with a lot of detail put into it – why not stop and smell the roses instead of wondering what you're going to do when there's nothing left to get?

  7. thats why i like console playing more then pc, al those noobs with there hacks! if you cant play without dont play at all losers!

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