The Division Infinite DZ Funds, Items & XP Glitch! Unlimited Dark Zone Money Farming Exploit!

Filename: thedivisioncheatcodes.exe

FileSize: 21 MB

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The Division Infinite DZ Funds, Items & XP Glitch! Unlimited Dark Zone Money Farming Exploit!was extracted from


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  1. i have 2 questions, i am level 16 and i have 11,274 health is it good… my ak 47 is 811dmg is it good for level 12

  2. started playing the DZ two days ago, all i have to say is…… soooo addicting GT: ACHILLEsRAGE001 :))

  3. Ok for this one I gotta say boooooooo and dislike. Thats a malicious exploit. Not cool

  4. I spent many hours, rogue hunting, these little dip shits. 1v2, 1v3, 1v4 etc just to ruin their days. I also spend a lot of time at extraction zone in DZ02 specifically for these people. 6400 hp and a shotty with 3700 dmg on shot… lots of teams under estimated me.

  5. Currently Darkzone broken and not balanced. It's being sold "as the best place to get the best loot in the game" but it's a Forced PvP zone. This forces loot hounds, RPG fans, solo players, and casuals into a very unbalanced trolling PvP spawn camping nightmare.
    -.- the best PvP players get great loot and start killing and stealing other players loot, DZ chest keys, and collecting exp and cash for surviving their rogue bounty. That allows them to buy High End (exotic) gear and then buy even better loot from dz vendor with cash and rank, and then also equip that stolen loot from dead scrubs and they become OP. The weak players never get gear out and constantly die losing cash, exp and keys and they actually never progress.
    -.- yes being rogue is hard to survive solo. However yesterday 8 players went rogue and they dominated the entire server area. It was unfair.
    -They need two DZ servers. One for PvP and one for PvE (can't hurt other players) zone. IMO.

  6. Well, I just lost interest for game. I'm passing on this, ppl are just going to find more exploits to gain the advantage, just like battlefront.

  7. Unless there is a code change, I think this will be possible in the full release. I don't think all DZ areas will be open at release. There will be 3 DLCs released this year. It makes sense (to me) that at least one of the DLCs will open new DZ areas. Given that, one could still do this at release.

  8. Was really excited about The Division when it was at E3 a couple of years ago… But now, it just seems like the typical hyped up game which is plagued by many problems which will just kill the game. I know it's just the beta and its purpose is to get these issues ironed out. But knowing Ubisoft, it's just going to be another one of those games which is popular for about a week, but just dies out extremely quickly. Shame, i hope to be proved wrong though.

  9. I'm looking forward to seeing what glitches you find when the game is actually released, I guess you can't have a glitch that isn't game changing with a mmo unlike fallout for example.

  10. considering those areas are just off limits while on beta im sure it wont be possible on release. that being said there is another video showing pc gameplay that shows those areas open and its harder areas and what not.

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