The Key Element of Tesla’s Discovery


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  1. try the magnet as the motor be running ay??? just be cause I think you pulled power from air in the room

  2. The lithium ion batteries went dead in my camera inside the great pyramid. My guide took my batteries out of the camera and rubbed them on the stone wall (both sides), inside the passage way put them back in my camera and they stayed charged up for a year. These pyramid stones ring like bells. They have a high iron and high aluminium component and are extremely hard. They are metamorphosised quartzite. I am interested in how sound becomes electricity within the resonance field of piezoelectric stones set on the intersection of earth currents. Amplification must have done the rest for the ancients what ever their power needs. I really do do not consider myself an expert on electricity I locate ancient sites and one way I do that is listening the energy field they produce beneath the surface of the earth. I think Tesla must have understood all of these concepts and considered them when he picked his tower location. I have just returned from the Hessdalen Valley in Norway and I think the area is a good location to build a Tesla tower, even better than Cripple Creek Colorado. Since the government will only allow the sale of electric cars after 2025, it seems they are more open to over unity systems. We support your work Gerard! Onnea Sinulle!

  3. The large bulb you are illuminating looks very similar to images seen in Egyptian glyphs. There are those who propose the ancient Egyptians generated and used microwave power.

  4. Things should be cheaper because of improved technology and efficiency, yet prices still go up. This is not an accident. Its done on purpose.

  5. He made him self part of experiment . We can talk a lot what sex or maditation is , but you have to experience by your self , to have inner understanding , feeling what it is . i do hope you get my point …

  6. Also there is big secret why so often Tesla did spend time in side his coil , surrounded by high frequency scalar waves ?! why he was sitting in area where scalar magetic waves are at their pick …?!

  7. Tesla was working on scalar electric and scalar magnetic waves , where are they . gerard have to contact Eric Dollard …..!

  8. Watched your whole video, a real realist, keep asking Questions, I think there is something worth checking out, I try to seek truth, there is someone who kind of explains this in a way that might help her name is Lacerta just Youtube her name, expect the unexpected, Jesus loves you, you are a wonder of wonders. gospel of Thomas- youtube.

  9. As you can read , tesla was mentioning 99.5% efficiency . (via earth) ad yet scientist keep saying this isn't efficient , obviously either tesla knew something scientist didn't , or someone  made sure to discredit tesla

  10. Bravo and mazel tov my friend… thank you and God bless your efforts to educate the unknowing. Keep on keeping on!

  11. Thank you Gerard, you are doing a great service to the whole world with your videos. We cannot continue as we have in the past letting government and corporation leach our very souls. People are waking up now thanks to you and others. Please keep up your work and videos and know that you are very much appreciated. Take care

  12. Hi, Gerard
    Well done i'm still waiting other video, and i will from my own way make a brushless motor from scratch with my own controller from scratch too with a programmed arduino or raspberry pi 3 i just received the parts yesterday and i will make sure to validate some of your videos that telling TESLA secret as LEVERAGE! Please keep going your video, i'm still waiting for next one! Take care!
    Many thanks for sharing this! Regards.

  13. Hi Gerard. Thanks for the work you are doing. You are so lucky to have the backing to pursue your work. I would like to ask though, why do you persist with generating this primary force with mechanical means? It can be done with electronic means, much smaller and much easier. I would like to show you, if I may.

  14. Mr Gerald, i live in southern Brasil and im finding very high levels of radiation in the rain, i saw you are using the gamma detector, i am assuming your detector also detects beta particles, if so, why was the needle moving at hight counts? i once stick my geiger next to a shockgun thing and the numbers went high like crazy, actualy i saw the so called beta particles like my gieger counter. Why a low picking would not do any warm to us? because of the wavelenght maybe? i really hope you ready this, thank much for your precious work, you are now on Nikola Tesla's full path, you are one of his seeds that came up !
    PEace !

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