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  1. I don’t know why people brag about having 2000+ hours on a game , That’s not good , That just means you have no live …

  2. i was worried about this game.. because i wanted to buy this game n all my friends who have this game said a lots of negetive stuffs about this game.. but ur vid along with some other youtube videos helped me a lot.. now i will buy this game in the next sale.. thanks..

  3. The story is pretty much the exact same as a much older, much worse game I played a long time ago on the PS3. its called cabelas survival, and it sucks.
    Your a pilot, a girl wants to take a case to people who need it, your plane crashes over an empty cold area.

  4. Anyone else thinking those corpses will suddenly wake up and scare the shit out of you? I swear, they are alive, they are just pretending being dead.

  5. The long dark is my favorite video game of all time! I actually enjoy story mode I think it is exciting and interesting. Survival mode is amazing! As long as you aren't addicted to zombies and gore you should enjoy it.

  6. the one thing that mostly moved me it was wen they changed the hydro dam im not saying i hate it its just that it looks better! =3

  7. you praised this game, and that is fine it is a good game. but one of the cons is how they measure calories and hydration. you kill a wolf, and you gain say 4.2 kilos of meat. cook it up, that comes to 9.2 pounds of meat. 6000 calories. and you can burn through that easily, they need to fine tune the game. allow me to control exactly how much meat i wanna consume. instead of a whole chunk of 880 calories, if that's all food i have left. let me only eat 400 calories worth, as it is a survival game. not a consume as much meat as you can.

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