The New iPhone is Just Worse


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  1. We removed the headphone jack and replaced it with a piece of plastic of unclear purpose. Think Differently

  2. the iphone 8 there will no charger port so you need to replace your phone every time its fuckin dies

  3. we took away WiFi so you will half to use phone service so it will be expensive and then we took away phone service so no internet so we make you waste money now we took away the battery and the charging port then we took away the touch screen now you will half to use the iPhone as a black berry but now we took away the screen so you will half to use a Bluetooth monitor and you will half to give the monitor access wich you can't because you might of realized we took away all the buttons while you were reading the comment now we removed the fingerprint sensor so now the iPhone is a waste of money now we removed the whole phone oh look we removed your brain now you will get an F on every test oh look we removed your body now you only have your soul

  4. Are you against Apple products? Because this is A BIG argument against the company's philosophy…

  5. This video is just full of bullshit dude. Tim Cook did a wonderful job has CEO of Apple. The Iphone 7 is the best Iphone Apple ever maid in their history. The worked so hard for it. But Yeahh, I know that you want to Apple change the design of their Iphone but you just have to wait to the Iphone 8 !! Annd by the way the iphone 7 plus is enormously better than the first Iphone 6.

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