The Nintendo Switch Is Good, Zelda Is Spectacular


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  1. I would watch every single episode of DFG: Daniel Frustrates Gamers, if you guys ever decided to turn that into a full series.

  2. Dan is like that friend we all have who doesn't play many video games. You're trying to show him a new game you love, but within moments you want to scream "NOT EVERY GAME IS FUCKING GTA! STOP TRYING TO DICK AROUND, YOU GODDAMNED EASILY-ENTERTAINED IMBECILE, AND PLAY THE FUCKING GAME PROPERLY!"

  3. O'Brien's confession that he hadn't played a game in 15 years absolutely destroyed his character in After Hours for me, who was supposed to be obsessed with specific types of open world games.

  4. I can honestly watch Dan play games for hours, but I would not wish such hells upon great men.

  5. I hated this video so much, that i closed the tab after watching 20-30 sec on video, then i opened the tab again, disliked the video and leaving this comment now…

  6. I really, really need more of Dan aggressively playing video games poorly. I posit a series title: Let's Fight, instead of Let's Play, because he becomes a bloodthirsty hoodlum when given a controller.

  7. I just want to say, Daniel, I really appreciate how straightforward and critical of everything you are here. As an avid watcher of After Hours and Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder / a longtime Cracked viewer, I love seeing Daniel O'brien (is that how you spell it ..?) being Daniel O'brian. It's really quite relieving .

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