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Warframe is probably the most EXPANSIVE free game I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s got a rich community with constant updates being pumped out by the developers. Try it out for yourself!


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  1. I love how he makes everything he plays funny but if it were anyone else it would just be really boring😁

  2. Oh dang I missed this video! Posting this comment at the beginning of the video: I really hope you enjoy the game!

  3. I bet money he got sponsered to play this game and he'll never make another video on it. I really hate when they do this because they never continue playing it. So disappointed.

  4. Excalibur deal's more damage with sword as his only passive and his all skills are sword related so why stick? As him?

  5. I Wish they'd add in a 3rd set of weapons for starters in the tutorial aka (Mk-1 Spectra Mk-1 Flux Rifle Mk-1 Lecta) it would be more options allowing them to start with beam weapons and a whip

  6. teeeeeeeechnically u can pay to make yourself more powerful by buying prime weapons and warframes, which gives you more opportunities to raise your mastery level, which then gives you access to higher mastery stuff

  7. When Vor was talking about "putting you down like a rabid Kubrow," he was basically calling you a dog. You can actually get a Kubrow of your very own pretty early in the game, though I'd recommend you wait on hatching one until you have money to buy DNA Stabilizers for it, it's just 75,000 Credits for a pack of 6.

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