The Planetary Annihilation Soundtrack Recording Session


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  1. Am I the only one who finds it funny they’re recording music for a game
    that involves destroying life on a planetary scale… in a church?

  2. In most games I usually mute the music and play some of my own in the
    background. I don’t think I’m gonna do that with Planetary Annihilation.

  3. YESSS! This is what I was waiting for 😀

    Edit: Also very nice “Gimme” button on the bandcamp website XD

  4. I really wish all games focused a bit more on the sound and sound track
    like planetary annihilation ;(

  5. Always nice to hear an actual orchestrated soundtrack, rather than cheap
    digital samples.

  6. gotta love if a game has a good orchestral soundtrack … one of the
    reasons why I am so nuts about Outcast still :)

  7. Just occurred to me, you always hear these epic songs with a choir, which
    sounds awesome, but it’s often not really clear (to me at least) that
    they’re singing any particular lyrics or if it’s just there for the way it

    So, question for Uber: Does this song actually have lyrics? Does it not
    sound like anything to me because it’s Latin or something? Or did Howard
    just use gibberish that sounded nice?

    I’m suddenly wondering this about a lot of music I’ve heard.

  8. I’ve just downloaded mine, and as far as I’ve managed to get, it’s awesome!

    But on high end gear the quiet parts can have an annoying hiss. It’s not a
    major thing, just saying.

    Thx for the experience and great job!!!

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