The PS4 Port Is BAD? – Slay The Spire (PS4) [Mabimpressions]


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Slay The Spire gameplay in today’s Mabimpressions! Please me know in the comments if you’d also like a Slay The Spire Playthrough and A Slay The Spire Walkthrough! A full Let’s Play Slay The Spire and Slay The Spire Review would be fun to go through!

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You can find Slay The Spire guides, Slay The Spire tutorial, and Slay The Spire download there Let me know you guys think about this Slay The Spire Preview, Slay The Spire Impressions.

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  2. It's a horrible port, in hard mode (Ascension) there is a bug in the last boss with second player.
    It's impossible to finish the game, very bad

  3. The frame rate is uneven to the point of distraction even on PS4 Pro, which, for a game of this kind, is hard to accept.
    I just played finished my first Act before saving and heading off to bed. I'm in love with this game and I'm totally psyched to get back to it tomorrow

  4. Hope you are doing great, Mabi! It’s been a while since I’ve watched something from you, and it is great as always!

  5. "I enjoy playing with the mouse, you know, playing with one hand" so this is why you moan during disgaea 5.

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