The Strongest Knight – Demon’s Souls


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  1. Ive noticed that no one does creative builds video for demon souls… not suggesting you should do it its just i felt like posting something about it atleast on a demon souls related video

  2. I lured him away and I threw firebombs at him where all those little goons were. He fucking fell down at like half health and he died hahahaha. Couldn't stop laughing.

    Cheap as hell? Yeah…but it worked.

  3. the strongest knight,(in my opinion), is the one with no shield and has a claymore sword, OMG, he'll break your guard despite your level, so you'll have to be more careful during the battle, this black knight is nothing when you get more strong

  4. Two main causes why many people did not play this game :
    1- exclusive on the ps3.
    2- which is the main problem is that this game is extremely punishing and you have to be obsessed with it to continue

  5. with the red eyed knight (spear). you just have to let him bounce off your shield, hit him once or twice, and repeat

  6. Maybe the people who get mad when you point out your mistakes are those that point them out when you dont and theyre mad that you beat them to it?

  7. 8:18 isn't that the point of watching a lets play? to watch you say stuff either on how you play or die?  that's stupid those people are ghey

  8. It's actually good that you're pointing out your own mistakes, that way you'll learn how to make it next time 🙂

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