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  1. +Mtashed +Rhabby V +kjhovey honestly I enjoy sniping and once shotguns like party crasher became popular I started to not do good striker titans with juggernaut destroyed me I stopped being able to go flawless, so I started watching videos about sniping to try to correct my mistakes after watching how you 3 played I started trying to be patient and less aggressive thanks to you 3 I was able to help my team in trials and I just gotta say thank you honestly I'm sure along with me a lot of snipers appreciate the help ­čÖé hopefully one day I might run into one of you until then thanks for all the advice.´╗┐

  2. First time watching your video and thinks because I have been harassed before about using the thousand yard stare´╗┐

  3. Aim Assist ruins Destiny. I look at it this way, why does a FPS need Aim Assist. If someone can explain this to me I'll give a donation to any charity you choose.´╗┐

  4. Lol in this video; shitty console players rationalize having a crutch. Try playing on PC where there is no bullshit aim assist. Stop acting like bullshit headshots are 100% your own skill.´╗┐

  5. You're right, I know that I'm not a Sniper because I've been playing Destiny since November 2015, and these guys have been playing things like COD, Battlefield and Halo by using snipers since forever, so that's how I know I'm in for a ride if I want to be a sniper.´╗┐

  6. I've been sniping since release, thanks. What you see today in the crucible isn't practice and skill at least half of the time, it's people using modded controllers. I play with people who do that, and it's why they never miss. They can be lit up with headshot after headshot and it doesn't affect them like it does legit players. I liked your channel before I saw this, it's a shame that you think your ego can extend so far as to speak for others so much. If you're a good sniper and you don't cheat or use mods, good for you, but you have no place making such an indictment against the experiences of the rest of the community with nothing other than the fact that you talked to employees of a company who has been documented to habitually lie and mislead their consumers, as well as play psychological games with them for the hell of it. So yeah, you kind of are a giant asshole, as well as a naive one, judging by this video. And since I seem to be one of those people you're saying this to since I disagree with you, fuck you Mtashed.´╗┐

  7. I love you Mike, but I gotta call you out here. "You've talked to a few
    Bungie Employees" Cool. I go to school for game development and my
    brother has worked for Bungie and 343, specifically working on AA and
    Latency. But ill say it…you wouldn't believe the benefits additional
    AA can add. Don't get me wrong, im not going around with a Longbow with
    HH, SLH10, and Rifled Barrel. I'll stick with my trusty
    NLB/Stillpiercer. But if I were to tell you some off the things AA
    does, I would get flamed by the exact community this video is
    targeting, the supporters, and you. PS…it doesn't have to do with
    Hitbox…Hitboxes are actually more concise then people think. But to
    say something like "we tested in the crucibile etc" come on
    man…..until you start to program these things, its almost impossible
    to understand what benefits AA has and does not have.´╗┐

  8. 4:02-"there are some people who have been sniping their whole life, and now they are dominating". Could I turn the same argument about using shotguns in the current meta, where the range is melee range´╗┐

  9. Sniping offensively takes skill and a shit-ton of practice. Blink and slide shotgunning are pretty easy in comparison. Winning a game of Rumble with a sniper is more difficult by an order of magnitude.´╗┐

  10. If you think sniping is hard in this game, play planetside 2 or another game with travel time and bullet drop´╗┐

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