There are so many hackers in Overwatch… ( plz blizzard fix dis )


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There are so many hackers in Overwatch… ( plz blizzard fix dis )was extracted from


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  1. EXACTLY! Holy shit yes! I get silver matches all the time with Mcree/soldier/widow with stupid accuracy. It's like "bitch if you are this good you should be plat or higher." Then the gg ez spam.

  2. It seems a lot of people watched this video, went and found the Overjoint hack you cite and have been crushed in the ban wave. Blizzard honey pot?

  3. one cool way of make em stop would be, not ban'em and put cheaters playing against another cheaters lol eventually they would give up cheating because u know one of them would have the best cheat and the most expensive who would rekt them all in no time and they eventually get tired of trying to cheat since their cheap cheat is just not enough XD

  4. Maybe they'l let people get away with this one for awhile and then purge them all simultaneously with a mass ban.

  5. i hope all the hackers and cheaters out there die a very slowly painful death! No honor, no balls! The day will come that you won't be anymore! Blizzard is on your ass and gets you all by the balls very very soon. Banwave incoming you worthless pricks! I just can laugh about you..even your mother would be ashamed….

  6. it's quite hard to tell even on the demonstration with the robots. I mean they could be losing health because you are already shooting them..

  7. isnt it great how this is the ultimate bait to get players banned by a blizzard employee named Raiden? or Godfrey

  8. Yes this is sad, but on the other hand… 60% accuracy? Players on rank 3500 can do better. Yes the cheat isn't fair, but it's not unbeatable

  9. In an effort too put an end to this whole debate, they (the bot programs) are easily detectable, they use an overlay on an external program to avoid getting picked up by the games auto cheat, that is to say these cheats are not injected into the game code so the game cannot detect it through tampered files.

    The reason why blizzard cannot detect them is because the means to do so would cause an inevitable backlash from the pcgaming community. The problem is that the measures are somewhat invasive, if they were implemented the knee-jerk autistic backlash would be immense. If gamers are going to compare some girl sucking off a bunch of games "journalists" to help promote her shitty game with Nixons watergate scandal then you can bet your arse they will lose their shit if games companies start implementing what is in essence spyware to catch the cheaters.

    Worst of all it will be the aim bot making "community" in the vanguard spinning such cheat catching implementations as the NSA spying on you 1984 style and all so that they can maintain a hold on their monthly subscription for a skill injector. This video is a pretty blatant advert for the overjoint hacking software, this isnt some grey hat display to blizzard its click-bait marketing.

  10. Poor pc overwatch players it's jus game too bad your not on console because usually only pc players hack cause pc players can't aim

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