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  1. Lol, people keep saying Thief ripped off Dishonored. Yet I’m here going
    “you never grew up with Thief, gtfo”

  2. I’m slightly concerned this has had it price slashed on PC already – can
    pick it up for under £20 now.

  3. Looks like good old Thief with a hint of Dishonored and Mirror’s Edge put
    in the mix. Not sure if the ‘ability’ system will work for the game but
    we’ll have to wait and see.

  4. Dishonored’s inspiration uses the same game starter where its about a girl
    being killed and blamed or about you,lol!

  5. I dont even own a next gen system yet and I have so many ganes on the list
    I hope they get really cheap by the time I get them

  6. I am glad I don’t have Xbox one, the system just cannot pump out next Gen
    graphics. I think this game run 841p on xbox one.

  7. The FoV in all gameplay trailers of this game look extremely small, I hope
    on PC it will be adjustable.

  8. I hated this generation of of stealth games, such as Dishonored and Dues
    Ex.. Ect. This is probably not going to be like the thief games I played
    before, but it looks very promising! 

  9. I like how everyone is saying it’s a rip off of Dishonored when this is a
    reboot of the series that Dishonored ripped off.
    Don’t get me wrong, Dishonored was a great game and so was Thief but
    please, do your research people.

  10. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again. DISHONERED STOLE FROM
    THIEF. now please shut up. I cannot wait for this game. Seriously. Just
    give me it now……………….

  11. I miss the old Garrett. This one doesn’t feel right. And I know there is a
    different voice actor, but he doesn’t come across as him at all

  12. Definetly pre-ordering this. And I’d just like to tell those of you who are
    saying Thief “ripped off Dishonored”, that Thief came waaay before
    Dishonored. In fact, Dishonored was probably loosely based off of Thief.

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