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  1. This is the issue I am having. I assumed it was aim assist, I'll be ready to shoot a certain target, then when another target runs by the reticle moves towards the running target, costing me a round of ammo.

  2. proof that you undersell this concept in Destiny…

    Anyone still watching this that reads this comment: Go to the gunsmith when he sells the Eirene or Uzume Omolon snipers. Pick them up, use then in the Crucible. You WILL notice that they "suck."

    They don't, it's just the low aim assist. I play BF with aim assist off because sniping in that game isn't hitscan, so aim assist isn't a problem with sniping.

    I can tell which snipers have low or high aim assist, and it matters. It really matters. In such a mobile have, more aim assist is better, at least if the impact is still good and you like the sights. Antinomy is a great balance.

  3. For saying that all people that complain about aim assist are uninformed you honestly showed how uninformed you are/were on the matter. My issue with aim assist is that I don't want to use it personally. any game that has the option to turn it off I do. I can't tell you how many times I have been shooting at one guy and another guy crosses over my reticle and pulls my aim off my original target. I would much rather myself be in complete control of where I aim rather than gaming companies deciding I need help. And to be frank I am honestly convinced a lot of the good snipers in this game would become significantly worse without aim assist. Not saying they all would become trash, but they would miss a lot more shots.

  4. Aim assist does not drag the reticle onto somebodies head automatically, however it makes snipers drastically easier to use when they have more of it, just look at how far a player running across your field of view will drag your reticle.

    I in no way believe aim assist can make a bad sniper good, but it can sure make a bad sniper mediocre, or a mediocre sniper decent at drag scoping in choke points. Shots they normally would not land they land thanks to having alot of aim assist.

    Also you pointed out people dog on streamers for using high aim assist weapons, which i find absurd, because 9/10 times the person complaining would get outsniped by the streamer even if the streamer was using some low aim assist sniper (efrideets) and the complainer was using a god roll weylorans with shortgaze and hotswap/ hidden hand

    however, you are reallly downplaying aim assist, if it was as negligible as you say then a vast majority of streamers would be focused on using their preferred archetype of course but you would see alot more perks like unflinching, casket mag, mulligan, performance bonus life support etc etc along with alot more scopes like ambush or maybe viewtac

    but instead a vast majority of streamers (the ones i watch atleast) are going for/running every aim assist increasing perk or scope they can get. Why would that be if aim assist is so negligible?

    on top of that id like to provide some anecdotal evidence,
    My 2 snipers that i run the most are weylorans march with shortgaze, grenadier, snapshot and hotswap.
    longbow with ambush(sometimes longview 10 depending on the map) underdog, quickdraw and unflinching

    The weylorans is my go to for 6s because better ammo efficiency, i dont have to worry about rez and it has so much aim assist that i consistently land more shots even while under fire(i guess unflinching isnt so great?) than i do with my longbow

    the sad thing is that i use my longbow much more often, and yet somehow im more effective with the higher aim assist weapon that i have less practice with,

    anyways, loved the video

  5. Yes, you are right TV. Special weapons have no Bullet Magnetism. However, Primaries do. This has been tested by people on the reddit forum. The more Aim Assist a primary weapon has, the more Bullet Magnetism. MIDA has the most AA, so it is INCREDIBLY forgiving when you miss shots. Try doing what you do with a MIDA using a Inward Lamp, or something like the MIDA. It is much more difficult to land headshots.

  6. Eh, the sniping isn't what I would call " skillful " anyway, it's too easy to snip. There's no drawbacks to it to make it feel like you have skill, there's not even at least any scope wobble. Not only that, having aim assist just takes away the " skill " factor rven more. Ok, so what if it just slows down when near a target, that bassically just breaks the point of sniping. You want skill? Try Battlefield's sniping, much more skill is needed to land shots than have the game hold your hand cause you can't aim. And that whole " You wouldn't be able to aim on consoles " ….Ahem…Battlefield? And before you say " Every game has a level of aim assist " YEAH, but not so out in the open like Destiny for god sake.

  7. Thanks for the vid, but you really didn't explain to the masses what aim assist does. You just complained about people's misunderstanding of aim assist. You point was kinda lost without the facts.

  8. A sniper with aim assist pretty much becomes a scout rifle with 10X the damage. Destiny's problem is they felt the need to re-invent the First Person Shooter. One of the downsides to Shotguns? Low range. That's okay, we'll give you shotguns with super long range. Snipers too hard to aim? Don't worry, we'll do it for you. They wanted to have "variation" in very simple concepts, which inevitably leads to Bungie dropping the ball and giving certain weapons way too much shit to work with, ergo everyone uses those weapons. Thorn and Suros Regime ruined PVP before, but if Bungie has shown a head-scratching lack in their ability to balance their game out before, it's no surprise that it happens again with their expansions.

    The reason people don't just run around with snipers at close range in most games is because sniper rifles aren't close range weapons. They can do so in Destiny though, because Destiny wants to training-wheels everything to cast the widest net and get the biggest player-base possible. The supers are another example of that. You could train a mentally challenged squirrel to get kills with most of the supers in the game. Now, do you have to EARN those supers? Nope! That meter fills up just fine on its own. Destiny rewards everyone just for showing up, and as a result makes the game much less competitive. There's simply no reason to "get good" because Bungie makes sure you're good just for buying the game.

    Point is, aim-assist makes snipers way too viable well beyond the situations they're intended for. And it's obviously not just the best players when sooo many people are racking up kills with the 1000-yard stare as opposed to any other sniper.

  9. And this is why console shooters are complete trash. Almost every single one of them has aim assist in one form or another which removes most of the skill required to play. And it seems like the more popular the shooter, the more aim assist it has. Hence why stuff like Halo/Destiny and CoD are some of the worst offenders. If you want to play a real FPS, you do it on PC. If you want to dog paddle in the kiddy pool, play on console.

  10. Defiance of Yasmin is the highest aim assist in game at least not including scope or if the gun has hidden hand or not

  11. Every shooter on console, also in games like cod you can turn it off try playing with it off and you will have a bad time

  12. I know this is kind of an old video, but would someone be able to tell me what music was being used? Btw great video!

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