This HACKER Sniped Me THROUGH A HILL! (Most Broken Aimbot!) – Fortnite Battle Royale


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This HACKER Sniped Me THROUGH A HILL! (Most Broken Aimbot!) – Fortnite Battle Royalewas extracted from

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  1. Hey Sypher! I was wondering if I should stay on Confirm edit in release or use double binds what do think I should do?

  2. coin flip is in the game, i played with 90ping average, and before that coin flip update i literally took 0/10 walls, know i take arround 4/10 walls in my games

  3. Please everyone stop calling it hackers they're no hackers lol. Dont gas them up that much the correct term is called modders. They wish they can hack in reality they just install some mods onto there console and or pc. Theres a difference between hacking and modding and no one has ever hacked fortnite. Google the difference between the two morons

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