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  1. I can't believe you didn't mention the implementation of "Shove". That's one of the MASSIVE improvements from this game. People overlook this, but with this improvement the game is more enjoyable and grinding solo is much more enjoyable and pretty much "doable", especially when you're just starting up with the game.

  2. Killing Floor 2 has delivered…. WAY past the bar set by the AAA industry. To the same levels, in my opinion as The Witcher 3.
    It does these things, and does them very VERY well. So much so, that most other games associated with their genre, look worse in comparison.
    The only thing it needs, is a Riot Shield and a massive Stun Mace for the SWAT perk.

  3. Rags you don't want cross platform multiplayer with the PS4 community. I was playing KF2 on PS4 and I was all by myself throughout the whole game and got to the final boss, then while I was fighting the boss, a bunch of people joined my game and started a vote kick to kick me. I got kicked. Then another time I decided to vote kick a person to see if the other people would say yes, and they did in seconds. Then I did a vote kick again like 30 seconds later and everybody said yes, this happen before the game even started.

  4. It's true that Commando perk is best suited dealing with trash in low and middle tier. But the scrake is very easy to deal with too because it's vulnerable to bullets. The fleshpound not as much 😊

  5. About cross platform multiplayer: i think the ps4 version is different (easier) so it wouldn't really work :/

  6. I miss KFO (Killing Floor Objective). It gives a nice change of pace other than wave based. Yeah, I know that KFO has some sort of wave base to it but at least there is some story content and a change of pace. It would be nice if we know what happens shortly after Kf1 since we had to rush to Paris which leads to Kf2 I would like to know sum lore about Dr. Hans. Knowing he's just a nazi and a boss.

  7. what I am impressed with is that they actually got to optimize it good enough to run on my shit computer on the unreal engine. that's impressive to me.

  8. Anyone enjoyed playing this game at lowest settings (but full resolution) at like 45 fps? My potato pc may run the game like that, but the gem of this game is playing it at ultra settings

  9. kf2 is great and all but it would be nice if they had more dedicated servers cos sometimes it takes ages to find a server sometimes and you usually end up on dedicated servers made by the community that could have a bad ping

  10. Rags you forgot to mention the invisible bitch and the screaming bitch. Or are those bitches only on kf1?

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