Tips From WoW Gold-Capped Players =]

Tips From WoW Gold-Capped Players =]

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  1. please check my channel i know the best way to make gold!! you’ll be making 30,000 g per day,on complete autopilot.

  2. My gold strategy:
    Go around in pandaria, killing rares and finding those grey items that sell for like 100g :3

  3. all you ppl need to just enjoy the game gold isnt that important i got at least 50-60k on all my 90s just gear up and have fun maybe ill see you all when i cme back

  4. I did Loremaster and saved all the cooking mats I looted along the way. Got my Chef title for free, kinda.

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  6. doh….ofc you should loot everything 😛
    for instance farming transmog gear, just stack mobs, kill, loot and yo got a couple of 100g profit…….repeat If you dont get the wanted item and done 😛

  7. because they have nothing better to do but earn virtual credit to say “I’m a virgin!”

  8. I got hacked once back in BC… Couldn’t get my account back for like 3 weeks. When I logged on I was lvl 70 with brutal pvp gear, and 17kg when I could barely make 1000g at lvl 50 >.>

  9. Similar experience here, right before I got an authenticator, I logged back in the middle of Wintergrasp with 2 stacks of titanium ore, 6 stacks of Saronite Ore, and various gems with 1000 extra gold, back in Wrath of the Lich King

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