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  1. Lets see if we can get 200 likes on this video!
    Digital cookies to all who like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) <3

  2. you should only play by the gas when the circle is big when its small you should go in the midle and hide and wait till the circle is sow small you have to be on the side of it

  3. Good strat. I thought a good idea was to get to the center ASAP but each game I would get surrounded and end up fighting off 2 to 3 people (in solo Q). Ideally, you want to be in the fringe and pushing in (using cover and picking off stragglers)

  4. Just a tip. If there is a building in the middle of the play zone, gather some items and camp that as quic as possible. If you are good at hinding indoor you'll easily get in top 10.

  5. @SepticFalcon I just wanted too check if you know but if you press 'x' while running you put away all of your guns and run a bit faster it might help you to avoid the blue field a bit better ^^

  6. that was not a suppresed rifle firing off @5:00 it was an SKS. the SKS sound its kinda muffled at distance and quieter than most guns. and why would u not use ADS @ 6:20 ? srsly people who use 3rd person to shoot more than 10-15 meters away trigger me

  7. Good Video and little Question: How much Extra Money do you get from the second ad you can put if you make a over 10min vid? I wont hate for that if you make good conent what is the Case here! Keep the good Work Up!

  8. Your only mistake on your "positionning fail" was to open fire really before you got to a good place 'AKA behind that tree'. Another tactic when you're in a not so good spot, is to not be hot on the trigger and wait a bit.

  9. what do u think the best settings are for a good balance of graphics and fps? i saw u had a 970 and a 4790k which is exactly what i have so it would be nice to know what settings u are using

  10. i really liked the video's content. an from a viewer's perspective i wanted to say that the music in the background was a great additional content plus hearing you and your mates talk. unlike alot of other videos out there. great job, youve earned a new sub

  11. looting newly killed players is also a bad idea, cause odds are u may have won that fight, but it could have gotten the attention of someone near by, and if you killed the person odds are they did not have the best position so what makes it any better now, and if your not at full hp your even in that much worse off.

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