TIRNANOG! Fairy Tale Theme Park! Special Guest! Park Spotlight 27 #PlanetCoaster

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  1. Wow! Amazing.
    I'm presently trying to build a fairy themed park. I looked a the video for inspiration. I'm so impressed by your talent, The colors, the lighting are incredible. That park video was really inspiring. Thank you so much for that presentation, Got a lot of ideas out of it. Maybe i'll look at the legend sides of things. But looking at your talenti have a lot of breadcrumbs to eat to even get close enough to see the back of your heels. The video was very well made, and i've lived a very nice story. ThanK's to you both,

    Signed Claude

  2. Beautiful cozy park, Lauren, very nice job! So many great details and fantastic perspectives, indeed.

    The obvious comparison is Wonderland, I guess. The latter has a huge scope and feels cramped in many places. I may just prefer this one, for giving the layout room to breathe. It is spacious, maybe there is opportunity for development, but I wouldn't overdo it. Wonderland is also big on rides and I certainly prefer it in that respect. Too bad Jonny 5 didn't switch to cinematic on the last one…looked like it would shine there.

  3. Congrats Lauren, just finishing a park is a big deal. That it's a great park makes it even better

  4. Awesome park, Lauren. Superb job. Noticed some minor bugs. At 3:30, the green roof on the house has some z-fighting. The pink rug in the witches house on the Hansel and Gretel also shows some z-fighting in the middle of it. Lastly, this might be a bug, but I'm not sure. At 18:54, the square support posts on the "White City" coaster are not showing as being attached to the track. There's a big gap above them.

  5. Sorry for my mic guys! Just went crazy for this recording =( But thanks again Jonny, it was fun!

  6. Is it my computer or does this video have more FPS lags then usual? Didn't notice it before in the previous videos, but this video seems very laggy.
    Very nice park btw! Good job Lauren.

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