Titanfall 2 Release Info! – This Week in Gaming | FPS News

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  1. I feel like someone should make a single player only Cod, just to see how the community reacts

  2. i liked the review levelcap. pretty nice you cut to the meat of articles. i dont like to hear stupid jokes and rants when i hear about gaming news.

  3. I actually liked titanfall…but people stoped playing no one was ever on it so I had to move on to another game glad to know there makeing another one

  4. being multiplayer only isn't terrible
    just means the multiplayer better be really fucking good for the game to cost 60

  5. Good vid I like it, I also think you should cover consoles a bit more I know you mainly play on PC but you do play on console

  6. Keep this up LevelCap, really helps me keep up to date with what is happening. Keep up with the good content :)

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