Titanic Had The Most Horrifying Ending (Not How You Think)

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  1. Wasn't she dreaming at the end? Isn't the ending based off of the lyrics of the movie's theme song?

  2. Kimia: Man, the early 2000s are gonna be the best!

    Morgan Freeman narrator voice: the early 2000s were not the best. they were, in fact, the worst.

  3. I always did wonder what happened to Rose's husband, I wondered why she went with Jack and not the husband she had for so many years

  4. And when I was watching the movie towards the end I thought to myself, the necklace isn't the heart of the ocean, jack is. At least that's what I think

  5. I was watching titanic yesterday and while I was watching it I did notice that rose was kind of the reason the boat winked, I tried not to think about it because I love her, but I thought about it once or twice

  6. The ending was Old Rose's dream while she was sleeping dude. Not dying and her soul going back to the Titanic

  7. That scene is actually called "The Dream" so its supposed to be Rose's wish to be back with jack. She doesnt die

  8. It's not her fault the lookout wasn't concentrating on his job. Therefore, she didn't cause the titanic to sink, he did for his incompetence.

  9. Okay, if this is "1998", why are there flatscreen computers? I know this is a joke, but it's kind of anachronistic to have flatscreen computers in 1998. Just saying.

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