Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: Launch Trailer (Gameplay) [US]


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  1. Ubisoft I need to ask you something I fished the game and I think you should put more bosses so its harder.

  2. Tom Clancy games = Laggy, ghost bullet and hit detection errors from hell BS. Just as bad as the other POS game, destiny.

    Tom clancy and bungo are NOT worth my money and are on my auto-never buy or rent list.

  3. I have the Gold Editions to Rainbow Six Siege, The Division, and Ghost Recon Wildlands. I love all 3. Haters can hate.

  4. Hey Wildlands Fans,

    we have made a fan trailer of this game on our channel. Check it out 🙂

  5. Ubisoft stop being greedy with all the PAYED DLC or the game will be dead in a couple months. Learn from your mistakes and stop nickel and dime'n us.

  6. El sueño has more body ink than skin. I think one of the missions should have been capturing and interrogating his tattoo artist or destroying his ink supply, sueño wouldn't be happy if his tattoo guy had no ink. He would be the dictionary description for 'dead man walking'

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