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  1. The top 3 will always be the top 3 lol dota and smite ! It all comes down to perference for me its smite but iv played dota and lol like them both tho i can t say who its the best only that for me i m having more fun with smite.

  2. Dota 2 is just a good looking garbage shit.. and the characters moving like a slow motion chickens. League of Legends is way better cause u feel your character like they are real. The teamfight are so much exiting in league when u fight in dota u just running to random trees and the enemy tower hits u 600000 miles range omg its so dumb..and one more thing league of legends is always evolving while dota still the same shit.

  3. lol is just for kids and dota is awesome it's the best lol is just a copycat its heroes are not well balanced thats all lol is just an ant compared to dota if you are offensed then good because lol sucks and jf you hate this comment then hate it still lol sucks period

  4. The thing with LoL is the community a shit load of toxic little kids. I mean every game has that but LoL is the king of it, its disgusting. The game itself is kinda cool but damn the community is cancer. For that i download Dota now and see how it goes.

  5. lol fans: whine about other ppl saying that there game is better than lol.
    dota players: whine about other pol saying there games is better than lol
    smite players… hows everyone doing.

  6. Sombra and Ironfist are rip offs of Skye and Dragoz from Paladins but tbh Team Fortess 2 is probably the better one and if you can't afford Overwatch then just get Paladins while you save up. It's honestly so fun and I hate fake gamers that judge games without playing them themselves. Honestly Overwatch has the reputation for being a really good game but Paladins's community is so much better and more mature. If I play Overwatch I usually mute everyone as soon as the match is made but often have it open on Paladins because it's players are real gamers who can play any game on any platform and know that no one is superior because we are all gamers we need to get a long and we are a part of the best community out there and share the best hobby and past time/profession in the world and don't judge people for what they play or how they play it and they don't judge the video games until they play it. We're sick of narcissistic gamers or people who think that because they play a certain game or platform (PCMR people for example) they are somehow superior 😷 Games aren't about graphics and optimization, they're about making memories, meeting new people and having a good time! And yeah optimization is good because why wouldn't you play at 200fps in 4k resolution right? But that doesn't make you superior! In fact, it makes you inferior because you're too ignorant to understand what it is to be a gamer, your eyes can only see in 60fps anyway so calm down.

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