Top 10 Pokemon GBA Rom Hacks 2013!

Top 10 Pokemon GBA Rom Hacks 2013!

Did this while I was sick, not the best but it works. What is your top 10 rom hacks or Favorite Hacks in general? Download Link To ALL HACKS:…
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  1. Chuck Norris why do you want to play Pokemon? And if its not working then go to fil ecrop .com and search for Pokemon light Platinum Complete. And also don’t forget to select only Me diafi re.c om and not some stupid rapidshare.

  2. What is the name of a complete GBA hack that’s a remake of crystal. I can’t find the compile version of liquid crystal

  3. What if he has braces or some problem,i dont think its very nice of you that you judge even if you dont know anything about him 🙁

  4. Quick list:
    10. Victory Fire
    9.Furious Flame
    8.Liquid Crystal
    7.Ash Gray
    5.Snake Wood
    4.Dark Rising
    3.Flora Sky
    2.Reign of Legends
    1.Light Platinum

  5. Why everybody really likes snakewood i know the story really good but i think the fakemons and sprite is really bad

  6. the background music in this video (which is I think is Primal Dialga’s theme from PMD2) made me sad 🙁


  7. Now to the important question. Does any of these work for the emulators on ipod touch or iphone?

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